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Empowering Men to get Fitter for Life!

8 Week Weight-loss Programme

Personalised Gym Plan

Dietary analysis and consultation, ideal for your weight-loss goals

Dietary advice for Athletes

My Approach

We work with the time you have to the point you'd think we don't sleep! Knowledge is essential to our clients reaching their health, fitness and nutritional targets and so we stay at hand, willing and able to steer you in the right direction. Exercise and nutrition advice tailored to your goals. 

About me

Hey, I'm Hanif and I'm a Level 3 Nutritional Adviser and Fitness Instructor. I want to help you gain the health, fitness and vitality you require to lead a fulfilled life. I'm a man that holds his Islamic beliefs close and by way of Islam, I embarked on my own health and fitness journey.   

The Gym Plan I was provided with was tailored to my needs, Rep's and Set's challenged me, the pace of the plan was good and I'm happy with the results.

A. Humayun. Age: Under 30

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